Industry Education

Here at theĀ American College of Telemedicine it is recognized that physicians are not the only professionals working with telemedicine. We incorporate certificate courses to educate administrative personnel, sales representatives, and even patients. Our goal is to be an organization that incorporates a full bodied approach to the education of telemedicine.

Below are theĀ American College of Telemedicine certificate courses relating to telemedicine administration:

  1. Setting up an integrated Telemedicine Solution
  2. Sub-population management; Integration of Telemedicine and in-person care
  3. Sub-population management; Building a solution for reduction of Emergency Department Visits
  4. Making the pitch for Increased Revenue and Cost Savings, data acquisition process for billing and activity based costing
  5. Hospital Admission Replacement Solutions; A-Patient Technology and Infrastructure Guidelines
  6. Hospital Admission Replacement Solutions; Physician Training

Below are the American College of Telemedicine courses relating to patient education of telemedicine in healthcare:

  1. Telemedicine 101 for patients
  2. How to identify devices that are cleared by the FDA to monitor your health
  3. Self-directed medical research and when to start talking to a doctor
  4. What to look for when seeking video visits from doctors
  5. Evaluating Your Health Plan