Below is a list of top telemedicine books that can provide a wealth of information about practicing telemedicine.


Book #1

Telemedicine and Telehealth:

Principles, Policies, Performance, and Pitfalls

Book By: Adam William Darkins and Margaret Ann Cary





Book #2Implementing Telemedicine:

Completing Projects on Target on Time on Budget

Book By: Robert Cuyler, PhD and Dutch Holland, PhD





Telemedicine and Telehealth 2.0:Book #3

A Practical Guide Guide for Medical Providers and Patients

Book by: Voctor Lyuboslavsky





Book #4BioDesign:

The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies

Book By: Stefanos Zenios, Josh Makower, Paul Yock, Todd J. Brinton, Uday N. Kumar, Lyn Denend, Thomas M. Krummel




Book #5

Current Principles and Practices of Telemedicine and e-Health

Editor: Rifat Latifi